Approaching scientifically the behavior of customers and staffs

We support your store building with worth for both customers and shop-organizers.

What is “Conduta Video Intelligence”?

Shooting video inside outlets

CCTV, video camera, and Conduta dedicated camera shoots inside the store. Thereafter, we analyze its videos. No installation, such as dedicated camera or special sensors, are required. Current use CCTV is also available to alternative. We can stitch videos recorded by multiple cameras due to correction of positional relationship between each camera by special marker. This brings you to grasp every customer widely even in a huge store.

Analyzing customer’s behavior by AI

AI analyzes taken video footages and quantifies customer's behavior in the store. AI judges each person from the video images, measures those joints and locations, and deploys on the cloud as a logged data in the store. We provide you to the useful information for elaborate analysis by extracting the data focused on each customer's behavior.

Settings KPI

By Setting the behavioral pattern of expected customers, the numerical trends for eligible customers can be aggregated. Not to mention that we count the number of visitors, moreover, we continuously keep recording as quantitative data how many among them stay and enjoy in your outlet. This will enable you to scientifically elucidate the correlation between store building and customer satisfaction. Additionally, extracted data is possible to export and work with external marketing tools.

What is the image analyzing tool,
"CONDUTA Video Intelligence"

This cutting edged AI technology visualizes a behavior of customers
and store staff

Conduta Video Intelligence can output visitor’s behavior as logged data after AI analyzes footages/videos of CCTV or special cameras. Understanding qualitatively and quantitatively will support your store buildings.

Discover the improved point

How many people on earth drops by your outlet and stays with wonderful time? What characteristic are they? You will get to identify the specific issues by scrutinizing the numbers and videos.

Set your own KPI targets

The number of people who dropped by and stayed in particular area, and the visit duration are able to go settings freely as KPI targets. Recognizing quantitatively daily customer's behavior accelerates you to observe your store comprehensively.

Control management of outlets

Head office or management staffs can control intensively KPI targets and videos in outlets. Therefore, any field-inspection is not required practically. In addition, you can compare excellent store and address issues remotely.